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Crown Surgery Medical Group has been serving our community for more than twenty four years. Our practice is comprised of Board Certified Surgeons expertly trained in Bariatric, Colon and Rectal, General, and Vascular Surgeries. It is our goal to provide our patients with the highest quality of care in the most efficient manner.


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For your convenience we have offices located in Murrieta & Corona, CA. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment at any of our locations please call us today or request an appointment.

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Bariatric Surgery is only a “tool” and is not a “magic wand”. The choice to undergo Gastric Bypass is as a last resort and effective utilization of this “tool” through commitment to proper diet, exercise, and support group attendance will ensure and assure you of long term and life long success. Remember that it is just as difficult to keep off the weight after surgery as it was before surgery. Therefore, long term diet goals should include a dedication to making healthy food choices by avoiding foods high in fat and sugar, and maintaining adequate water intake, as well as developing an appropriate exercise routine of at least three times weekly.

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Our colon and rectal surgeons focus on the medical and surgical treatment of diseases of colon, rectum, and anus. They treat benign and malignant conditions and surgically treat problems when necessary.
When faced with a painful and potentially life threatening disease, patients count on our advanced training and commitment to prescribing the most effective, most efficient and safest treatment options. Our dedication to improving the lives of our patients with colon and rectal disorders is centered on one mission – to provide high quality care.



When it comes to having surgery, you want the best doctors, the latest technologies, and a compassionate staff who will personally make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed. General surgery experts at Crown Surgery Medical Group treat patients experiencing a wide variety of problems requiring surgery — from benign, routine conditions to complex cancers. Our board certified surgeons are skilled in minimally invasive techniques to provide a full range of surgical services, including laparoscopic abdominal surgery, and new robotic approaches to treat hernias and various other conditions.  Our goal is to not only treat your condition, but to minimize pain and scarring, reduce recovery time, and get you back to your normal daily life as quickly as possible.


What Patients Say About Us

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with everyone at Crown. I’ve been incredibly nervous going through my surgeries, but I genuinely feel taken care of by everyone. They’ve put me at ease about the “big” one around the corner, making me feel like family! I couldn’t recommend the staff anymore.

Carla P. / Wildomar CA

Everyone at this office was professional, friendly, and timely. They answered all my questions in detail about my upcoming surgery and mde absolutely certain I understood each step. My surgeon was very respectful and informed me of what to expect as well as any complications that might arise during the procedure. I left feeling confident and at ease.

Alysha Gomez

The Crown Surgery office is very professional and prompt in helping you. Dr. Festus Dada is very caring and helpful, and he always makes me laugh!

Paul Simon